Straight to the point with our interpretation! Quicker and more precise than simultaneous interpretation!  

It is very important for an interpreter to clarify the both parties intention as quickly as possible in order to assist the good result.

In the multinational business scene, it happens that a word for ward simultaneous interpretation makes people confuse and rather time consuming. With our interpretation service, we collectively understand the core points of the conversations and clarify the point precisely.


Why us?

3 characteristics of Morning Hope interpretation service

6 years stay in England and 17 years business experiences in the big and multinational companies and as a consultant to our clients. We understand culture differences in communications.

We provide 1 interpreter for 1 project so that there is a consistency in interpretation and a dedication to the project.

We do not take a intermediary commission as we provide the service.

Short term, long term, project basis…. We can fit your needs!


Business Outline

We provide 4 main service to satisfy your needs!

1) Interpretation is Business, Meeting, Seminar and Sports Training

 We can provide simple translation in many scenes.

2) Communication Support (internal interpretation and translation)

   Our Communication Support service can accelerate the communication between you and your partner smoothly and efficiently.

Scope of this service is as follows:-

Interpretation in the business or meeting.

Translation of emails or documents (Japanese⇔English)

Attending to a business trip overseas or in Japan

3) Business Support

    With our company background, we can provide the following business support:-

Licensing Business Support (Acquisition, Licensing and administration)

Negotiation support of contract

Project management support of product development

Business Development support in Japan

4) Licensing Contract Advisor

    Licensing agreement is not so much familiar to everyone. We can give you the best advise with my personal work experience in multinational licensing agency. 

5) English Conversation Lesson & Study Support

    From the beginner to the business executive, we offer English/Japanese Conversation lesson and study support.


How to order

Inquiry ⇒ Meeting (email or Skype) ⇒ Order ⇒ Start ⇒ Review & Follow-up

1) Inquiry

    Please let us know your information and your inquiry. Please use our contact form.

2) Meeting

    We can discuss service you would like to receive, your budget and any other conditions in details in order to match your demand and our service. We can communicate by email or Skype. If you are in Tokyo area, we can meet up for discussion.

3) Order

    We make an estimate and service proposal after the meeting with you. If you agree with our proposal, please make an order.

4) Start

    We start to provide our service after receiving your order.

5) Review and Follow-up

    In order to fulfill your needs with the change in environment, we review our service and adjust to your needs.

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1) Interpretation

    A half day (less than 3 hours): ¥30,000 (¥33,000 including tax)

    One day (less than 6 hours including 1 hour break): ¥50,000 (¥55,000 including tax)

    An extra hour: ¥4,000 (¥4,400 including tax) per hour

    Others: Travel expenses + accommodation.

 2) Communication Support

    One day (less than 6 hours including 1 hour break): ¥30,000 (¥33,000 including tax)

    An extra hour or weekend : ¥4,000 (¥4,400 including tax) per hour

    Attendance to business trip: ¥10,000 (¥11,000 including tax) per day addition to the above.

    Others: Travel expenses + accommodation..

    *Please feel free to contact us as we can be flexible with your budget.

3) Business Support

    One day (less than 6 hours including 1 hour break): ¥30,000 (¥33,000 including tax)

    An extra hour or weekend : ¥4,000 (¥4,400 including tax) per hour

    Others: Travel expenses + accommodation..

    *Please feel free to contact us as we can be flexible with your budget.

4) Licensing Contract Advise

    One contract: from ¥50,000 (¥55,000 including Tax)

5) Text Translation

    Japanese to English: ¥10 per letter (not including tax)

    English to Japanese: ¥14 per word (not including tax)


Cancelling Policy

Order cancelled less than 5 days before the date of start will incur the following charges:-

5days to 4 days before: 30% x (total estimated price – travel expenses)

3 days to 2 days before: 50% x (total estimated price – travel expenses)

1 day or the same day: 100% x (Total estimated price – travel expenses)


About Payment

We would like to ask you to pay in advance for the first time.


Interpretation/Translation Experience

1996-2004 (Working for Consumer Game Company)

Interpretation for Company President in the business meeting. Negotiations with Overseas hardware makers as a person in charge of Sale in the Asia. Product localization, Process Management, Overseas Media Support. Planning and Operation of Media Presentation (more than 60 people attended.) Internal interpretation and translation.

 2004-2007 (Working for International Licensing Agency)

Responsible for several business presentation to overseas clients and its preparation.

Attendance to clients’ business trips.

Meeting interpretation with British Embassy.

Internal interpretation and translation.

2007-Present (Setting up My Own Company and working as a Freelance)

Interpretation of Manchester United Soccer Schools’s coach

Interpretation of business meetings

Attendance to clients’ business trips.

Interpretation of the business presentation to the board member of listed company.

Seminar planning and interpretation.

Language communication support and so on.


Business Experiences

More than 17 years of business experience in international consumer games company, international licensing agency and managing my own company.

Licensing Business

 -Acquisition and Management of contents licenses

 -Contract Negotiations of consumer software licenses

 -Licensing Sales and Licensee Management

Sales and Marketing

 -International Sales and Product Export

 -Marketing Support to the overseas branches and clients

 -Marketing Research

 -Public Relations of Foreign Medias


 -Process Management of Localization of software products.

 -Administration of Design Approval


 -Presentation and Market Summary Report to foreign clients or head office.

Business Consulting

 -Proposal to domestic and foreign clients

 -Consultation of Japanese Market Penetration

 -Business Meeting Interpretation and follow-up support

Seminar Planning and Operation

 -Overall Planning, Promotion, Coordination and Arrangement, Operation, Translation of documents, Interpretation, etc.